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2009, a great year!

2009 was a big year for Gracie and the Robinson family.  Lots of important things happened like learning to eat solid food, learning to crawl, learning to walk, learning to talk, learning to run and learning to dance.  Not that shabby for one year!

To celebrate the end of 2009 and beginning of 2010, Mama and Gracie headed to see Great Aunt Jenny and Great Grandma Emmy.  Daddy stayed home to get the downstairs heat pump fixed.  Yay for Daddy’s who take care of things!

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I *LOVE* daycare!

Today Mama & Daddy and Gracie all packed up and headed back home after lots of kisses from GG.  After a nice long nap in the car, Gracie headed to day care so that she could see her friends one more time before the New Year.  This also allowed Mama & Daddy to unload the car without ‘help’.  Gracie got home and was very grateful to be in her own bed for a little bit…

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Grace, GG and Mama all went shopping today to find Gracie a perfect toy from her Great Grandma.  First we went to lunch at Padow’s where Grace charmed everyone with waves and grins, then we went down the way a bit to Shenanigans to find the softest doggie in the store (this took several test hugs and snuggles to determine).  Mama also found a copy of the Elf on the Shelf for next Christmas when Gracie can appreciate the fun of looking for the elf…  Daddy appreciated the down time to himself and Gracie was happy to get back in time for a nice nap before Uncle Owen came over to dinner.

Outside the toy store, checking out the play house

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Dancing with penguins

Today Grace was excited to get to see her pretend cousins Morgan and Haley (Erin’s cousin Allison’s children) and got lots of attention.  Haley kept picking Grace up and read her a story and spoiled her rotten all the way around.

Grace and Haley

After the exciting visit and a nice long nap, we headed over to Aunt Susan and Uncle Owen’s house for dinner.  Grace enjoyed sharing Mama’s crabcake, but most of all, she enjoyed the dancing penguins.  There were three penguins who sang Fa-La-La-La-La and danced, and Gracie figured out that she could dance and clap and spin as well ; but even better, she could push the button to make the penguins do it again! (And again, and again, and again!)

Grace and Ivy beg for baby treats

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Today, after enjoying a night of sleep in her own bed, Gracie and family got back into the car to go and visit Mama’s family in Charlottesville.  Upon arrival in Charlottesville, it was discovered that the pack and play was safely at home, so we had to scramble a little bit but were able to borrow one from Cousin Allison’s sister-in-law.  Uncle Owen, Aunt Susan and Great Grandma GG were delighted to see how much Gracie has grown since they last saw her in July.  After opening presents where Grace made out like a bandit, we said goodnight and headed to bed– the borrowed pack and play was perfect and on the way to bed, Grace had a great time hiding under the fold out sleeper sofa.  She’s quite into peek a boo, and the unfolded bed was like her own fort.  Lots of giggles and grins, then off to bed!

Playing with Great Aunt Susan on the fold out bed

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Bye-Bye Beach!

Grace and family gathered up the loot and hopped in the car this morning in time for Grace to get her nap and wave at a few (hundred) cars and trucks as they passed us on the highway.  She very happily talked on her cell phone from Santa and had lots of interesting baby things to say.

Grace and her cell phone

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Merry Christmas to all (who celebrate, that is!) and know that the Robinson family hopes that your day is as great as ours was!

Gracie enjoyed opening her stocking this morning, but took a nap before opening presents.  The big hits were a ball from Great Grandma Emmy, a plate with her name on it from Uncle Mike, a lawnmower from Grandpa, a cell phone from Santa and a very snuggly blanket from Uncle Alex.  Mama loved the outfit that Rene sent and the snuggly PJs that Emmy got her, and felt that the Duplos that Santa brought will be perfect in a few months.   The pony that Aunt Cathy sent will also allow Grace to practice her riding stance even when she’s not in Reidsville!  What a lucky girl our Gracie is!

We hope that your Christmas wishes come true too!

Checking out the Christmas tree

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