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My apologies to the Bard, but I’ve been thinking this over as we made our list of words that Gracie knows, and it’s been sticking in my head– Gracie can’t or won’t say “Ma-ma”.  She says Da-Da just fine.  She’s a champ at Da-Da and will come walking into Greg’s study to find Daddy in the evenings to tell him good night, and in the mornings, once she’s dressed, she wonder off to our bedroom looking for Da-Da.  It’s totally sweet, really.  I don’t begrudge Greg his Da-Da, I am very glad that she knows who her permanent playmate is.   It’s important for a girl to have a Daddy that she wants to find in the mornings and at night.  However, I’m having trouble with not having my own name yet.  Greg suggested that it’s because she can’t say M  yet, however she’s really good at M’s as it turns out.  At day care they’ve taught her to blow kisses with a big “Mwwwa”, so clearly she knows the M sound.  When I point at Greg and say Da-Da, she echos “Da-Da”.  When I point at myself and say “Ma-Ma”, she says “Da-Da”.  What’s a girl to do?  I just want to be in the top 25 words that she learns, but I guess as long as she knows “Ma-Ma” by Mother’s Day, I’ll be okay.  But I really do want her to be able to say Mama or Ma-Ma or some iteration of it by Mother’s Day.  Is that to much to ask?


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