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Today the Robinson family went to a craft fair and Grace had a great time looking at all kinds of fun wooden toys, handmade hair bows, earrings, quilts, stained glass and all kinds of yummy treats to eat.  She also took the opportunity to interact with several other small people either in strollers or walking around.  Mama loves her interactions with other toddlers because she doesn’t seem to have any real ‘space bubble’ and will get very close to the other children without seeming the least bit uncomfortable.  It’s funny really, to see two rather small people within 6 inches of each other, just looking.

One of Grace’s favorite stops was a booth where there were rocking chairs.  Grace has a rocking chair in her bedroom which she gets into and rocks (there’s just not a whole lot of rocking that one can do with such a small chair).  So when she saw this rocking chair at the craft fair, she promptly made herself at home and got to being the ‘rock’ star that she is!

Grace in a rocking chair

Our 'rock' star!

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