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Grace & Dad pre-operation

Grace, her duck and her Dad pre-operation

Grace and family were up early this morning to go into surgery.  We arrived at 6:30, and we were quickly asked to come back to pre-op, where very nice nurses showed Grace the face mask, showed her where on her toes the heart monitor would be (her fingers are too little!) and in general answered Mama & Daddy’s concerns.  She also got to meet the doctors who would be both giving anesthesia and who would be putting in the tubes.  She also visited around to the other children waiting to have tubes or have tonsils out or have other procedures.  She waved, she played peek-a-boo, she read books, she colored, and then at last, a little after 8, they took her back to have the operation.  The doctor came out within 10 minutes to say that it had gone well and within 15 minutes, the nurses were inviting us back to try to comfort poor Grace who was in distress!  She didn’t stop screaming until we got into the car and were on the way home and the ride home was punctuated with periods of intense screaming.  We got home and after much rocking and some nursing, she fell asleep and took an hour long nap.  She was still readjusting when she woke up, but by lunchtime, she was pretty much her own sweet self– just in time to visit with Daddy’s friend Brett who was in town visiting from Virginia Tech!  Mama, Daddy and Grace all look forward to a long night’s sleep tonight.  We also hope that tomorrow’s flu shot is quick and painless and over so that we can get on to focusing on being well!

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