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This morning, Mama woke up early to go stand in line at the Wake County Health Service building where they were having an H1N1 vaccine clinic today beginning at 9.  Getting there at 7:30 meant that Mama was the very last person to stand inside the building as the line wound around the lobby and down the stairs to the clinic.  It was a tag team effort and Mama stood in line while Gracie went to daycare until 9 AM when Daddy picked her up then dropped her off at the clinic just long enough for her to walk into the clinic, wait in line for 10 minutes and walk back out with a bandaid on her thigh.  Now we just have to get the second half of the vaccine in a month and Gracie will be protected (too bad if Mama or Daddy gets it…)

This is a big week for Gracie health wise– today was her H1N1 shot, Wednesday she goes in for a pre-operative consult, Friday morning, she gets tubes put in and then Saturday morning, she gets her flu shot.  Hopefully after that, we’ll have a nice long break until her next H1N1 vaccine.  Maybe next time we’ll be able to get some at her pediatricians office…

Upon getting her shot, Gracie and Mama headed back to day care just in time for Grace to play on the playground with her friends.  Clearly, Grace was not phased by a tiny little shot and got busy pushing toys and having fun.

playing outside

Watch out Archita-- Grace is on the move!

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