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Grace hugs her plastic horse

Grace's first reaction upon seeing her new toy

Gracie got to visit her Great Grandma Emmy & her Great Aunt Jenny.  Her Cousin Elizabeth came too, making for a wonderful day!  Grace, Jenny & Elizabeth went out searching for fun new toys.  Grace was particularly glad to get a new toy that had both stacking cups and a shape sorter.

Buliding a tower with Cousin Elizabeth

Grace buliding a tower with Cousin Elizabeth

The BEST present, however, was a plastic horsie that Aunt Jenny got her.  This horsie will gallop if Grace bounces up and down.  She’s a little to small right now and so needs some help, but will really enjoy it in a few months.  She’s well on her way to being another Jenkins cowgirl!

Gracie on her horsie

Aunt Jenny helping Gracie gallop!

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