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Prayers for Gammie!

Last night, we found out that Gracie’s Gammie is in the hospital.  A few weeks ago Duke (the Garner Robinson’s dog, who has been on vacation for all of Grace’s short life) was on the floor of Gammie’s room looking around for crumbs when Gammie dropped something yummy on the floor.  Duke got to the tasty morsel before Gammie could pick it up off the floor, and when Gammie reached down to retrieve said morsel, Duke bit her.  While this behavior is understandable from a very hungry dachshund, it unfortunately lead to a bad bite on Gammie’s finger.

Yesterday, while Gammie was at chemo, the nurses saw that her finger didn’t look good and after a series of doctors looking at it, Gammie & Pee-Paw ended up at the Emergency room so that she could have it drained and get strong antibiotics to combat the infection that had started in her finger.  With lots of luck, she’ll be able to come home today, but she could be in the hospital through the weekend.  Gracie and Mama & Daddy are all sending up strong prayers that Gammie’s finger gets better soon.


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