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Grace & Cynthia

Daddy is trying to scare away any earaches...

Monday was Grace’s godmother Cynthia’s birthday.  Because Cynthia is so popular, she wasn’t able to fit us into her schedule until last night, but in celebration, we met out for pizza and good times.  Grace wasn’t feeling 100%, so we had to leave a little early, but that gave Mama some time to go vote, and Grace got a jump start on her sleep.

Daddy took Grace to her consult this morning about getting tubes, and Grace, once again, has a double ear infection.  Good thing we’ve started moving towards getting her tubes.   As always, Grace remains her chipper self regarding the whole ear infection thing, and continues to be mostly sweet despite what must be pretty awful pain in her ears.  I guess for the last 6 months or so, that’s just been the way her life has been, so she’s gotten used to it.   Poor baby. 😦

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