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Grace and dot

Grace has a game.  She often practices “open/close” on the sock drawer, toy bin, and the laundry hamper.  Door is open.  Door is closed. Door is open.  Door is closed.

She’s now added a little spice to it. When she extended the game to the lower kitchen cabinets, she opened — but before she closed it for the first time, she paused.  You know those little foam circles that are about the size of a dime?  They’re adhesives  that keep the doors from banging when the doors are shut.

“Hmm.  What’s this?  Stickers?  Clearly, they seem out of place.  After all, the stickers aren’t colorful or in interesting shapes.  Why would mama and da-da stick them there?  Besides, I run the stickers around here.  I’d better remove them.  Better get them all.”

At this point, nearly all the foam stickers have been removed.  She, quite methodically, has opened every single door and carefully detached the sticker from the inside of the door.   What happens, you may ask?  They usually get stuck in her hair or in the crevice where the hardwood floor meets the side walls.  Typically, they’ll then have gunk all over it.

Of course, my concerned Mother will ask if there are any chemical safety hazards, whether she’ll swallow the dots, whether she eats the gunk, or if she’d slam her fingers in the joints.  Answers: No.

That said, Erin and I have found that now the sound softening cushions have so thoroughly been removed, we now have a new game:  “open/…..CLOSED

The de-dotter in action


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