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At the big kid table!

Today when we got to daycare, all of the seats at the small table where Grace typically sits were taken.  Fortunately, she’s grown a lot lately and is now tall enough to sit at the bigger table without difficulty.  Here’s a taste of what’s to come, big girl!

At the big kid table!

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Learning to give

Today at church, Grace selected a friend from the Angel tree, so that we can get presents and make Christmas for a child who may not have as many presents as our Gracie does.  We’re looking forward to picking out trucks and toy cars for a five-year-old boy, and Mama has already told Gracie that we have to buy him socks and underwear.  Gracie thinks this is a bad idea as she is quite opposed to both– taking both diapers and socks off at any opportunity.

At church with Daddy

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Today was beautiful, so Grace and Mama went hiking with Mama’s friend Deb.  Grace pet a puppy, watched lots of ducks, ran up and down hills and had an all around great time. 🙂

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NO! You can't go!

Grace has had several fun days with her cousin and Aunt and was disturbed to learn that today after 4:30 her playmates will be gone.  The Garner Robinsons all hope for safe travels and that Aunt Cathy & Cousin Mary Bedford come and visit again soon!

The girls!

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Giving Thanks!

Here at the Robinson household we have so much to be thankful for!  Grace has enjoyed her day playing with Aunt Cathy & Cousin Mary Bedford!  She also enjoyed her sweet potato casserole and some turkey.  (She missed out on the butternut squash, dressing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, Waldorf salad, pumpkin cheesecake, cranberry stuff in a can and rolls).

After our lunch, Mary Bedford, Grace and Mama walked down the street to a little park like area in the neighborhood where they’ve recently put down some pebbles and Grace picked up the pebbles and dropped them and then sat down and spread them around and then threw a couple and had an all around great time with those pebbles.  She also walked across the street to try to visit a neighbor’s dog (with help, of course) and then said “Hi” and “Bye-bye” to our neighbor Roger & his wife.  All in all, it was a busy but good day.  Grace had so much fun that she turned in an hour early so that she could be well rested for tomorrow.

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This past weekend, we were able to recruit Erin’s Dad to take some photos for our family Christmas card.  Emmy’s back yard is just lovely and we were able to take advantage of a splendid fall day!  While we won’t post the final choice, we can post the outtakes…

Who, me?

Daddy was playing hide-n-seek in this one…

Can I get down now?

Mama was  a bit distracted here…

I want *that* one

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Coloring with Sam

Gracie loves art time

This morning, Grace got to day care a little before breakfast and so had some time to color.  She loves coloring, but crayons tend to get broken because she’s very into drawing forceful little dots.  She does do some side to side artwork as well, but the dots are central.

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Self feeding

Grace has gotten pretty good at feeding herself.  It’s still a very messy process, but for the most part, she gets the spoon in the right way up and gets food in, which makes everyone happy.  While we’re not at a place where we can fully release her to her own feeding (or, if we do, there’s a great deal of clean up to do), we’re hopeful that she’s heading that direction!

Ready for breakfast!

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Showing some Big Dog love

Great Aunt Jenny has a dog named Big Dog.  She’s a Great Pyrenees and she’s as tall as Grace.  Grace just loves to pet her and snuggle her and ride her and kiss her and hug her and so on. 

Practicing her riding stance

After the pretend ride, Big Dog stood up and Grace got to see how big she was!


And then of course, Grace had to get some hugs and kisses! 

So soft!

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Lots of Thankfulness!

Today Grace, Daddy and Mama went to Reidsville to celebrate Thanksgiving with the Peterson family.  There was lots of turkey, prepared by Godfather Alex, who can cook up a mean turkey with lots of awesome sides (prepared by Cousin Bish-Bish & Great Grandma Emmy)!  Grace got to enjoy playing with Chris, Alex, Grandpa, Great Aunt Jenny, Cousin Elizabeth and Great Grandma Emmy.   Everyone got to enjoy mashed potatoes, rutabagas, dressing, Waldorf salad, awesome gravy, cranberry sauce, and collard greens that even Mama loved.  Once we finished that up, we had some birthday cake to celebrate Grandpa’s birthday and the pumpkin pie that Aunt Jenny made…  YUM!  Grace was a big fan of the pumpkin pie and whipped cream.

Gracie with her Godfather, the cook!

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Gracie is really looking forward to tomorrow when she’ll get to wish her Grandpa a Happy Birthday!  Pictures to come!

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Lots of presents!

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Action Photo!

Grace saw her Mom and rushed with open arms to embrace her!  Such a touching scene, isn’t it?

Coming in for a hug!

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Grace’s best friend

Talking to AJ before breakfast

From the time that Grace started attending Bright Horizons, AJ has been in her class.  Kali & April report that even now, when they can chose who to play with or sit beside, AJ and Grace tend to hang together.  This morning, we even noticed that one of AJ’s endearing qualities– scooting, has rubbed off on Grace.  This morning, she was sitting on the floor at home and instead of crawling or walking over to get her book, she just scooted across the floor to pick it up.  What fun!  Maybe soon, Grace’s walking will ‘rub off’ on AJ!

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My apologies to the Bard, but I’ve been thinking this over as we made our list of words that Gracie knows, and it’s been sticking in my head– Gracie can’t or won’t say “Ma-ma”.  She says Da-Da just fine.  She’s a champ at Da-Da and will come walking into Greg’s study to find Daddy in the evenings to tell him good night, and in the mornings, once she’s dressed, she wonder off to our bedroom looking for Da-Da.  It’s totally sweet, really.  I don’t begrudge Greg his Da-Da, I am very glad that she knows who her permanent playmate is.   It’s important for a girl to have a Daddy that she wants to find in the mornings and at night.  However, I’m having trouble with not having my own name yet.  Greg suggested that it’s because she can’t say M  yet, however she’s really good at M’s as it turns out.  At day care they’ve taught her to blow kisses with a big “Mwwwa”, so clearly she knows the M sound.  When I point at Greg and say Da-Da, she echos “Da-Da”.  When I point at myself and say “Ma-Ma”, she says “Da-Da”.  What’s a girl to do?  I just want to be in the top 25 words that she learns, but I guess as long as she knows “Ma-Ma” by Mother’s Day, I’ll be okay.  But I really do want her to be able to say Mama or Ma-Ma or some iteration of it by Mother’s Day.  Is that to much to ask?

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Ready to EAT!

At the breakfast table

 When Grace gets to daycare, it’s always right around breakfast time.  She’s learned the drill– go to the table to wash hands and then join her friends at the table, often times banging hands to clearly indicate that someone should bring her food, gosh darn it!



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