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As has been digitally documented by this blog, Grace is consistently walking.  That’s directly attributable to being surrounded by other little people who walk around too.  Nice outcome of Day Care peer pressure, and this walking skill will serve her well in life.

Crawling, her previous primary mode of transportation, generally served its purpose well.  I’m sure the parents reading this will agree that regular crawling will quickly wear out the knees on the pants.  Grace no longer crawls much, but she does tumble quite a bit.  Walking around in the sandbox during recess is a bit tricky — “Kaboom” now and again.  I suppose that the wear and tear will continue when she starts playing tag and other fun stuff on the playground.

My parents bought me Toughskins pants when I was younger.  If you’ve never bought/worn these, you should know that they have an indestructible layer impervious to playground tumbles, acid rain, and thermonuclear meltdown.  It was also permanently ironed, so you simply can’t tear them without a jedi lightsaber.  Essentially, we’re talking consumer based Kevlar made for youngsters.

Unless her Mom thinks otherwise, we won’t have any pictures of Grace in Toughskins.  We’ll just continue washing the grass stains out in the laundry.  Because Day Care will change wet clothing, it’s actually kind of interesting to see what she comes home in.  — A dirty outfit could very well represent a well earned play day!

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