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A boo-boo

Yesterday, Grace played hard on the playground, and unfortunately, because she’s not yet very steady on her feet, she skinned her forehead (yeah, I know, normal children skin their knees, yet only a truly talented kid would skin her forehead).  She didn’t seem to bothered by the whole event– she was quickly back up on her feet and running around again (sans diaper too, by the way, because somehow she figured out how to undo it while she was on the playground so they not only had to deal with a skinned forehead, but a pee-pee soaked Gracie).  We’re trying to assure the folks at daycare that she’s just trying to keep them on their toes.

This morning, Grace went straight to playing with her friends– completely unfazed by the mosquito bites that are all over her face or the skinned noggin.  She’s a tough cookie, our Gracie, and she takes her playtime seriously!

On the climber

On the climber

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