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Today Grace went straight to Toddlers and started her day with no trouble at all and just waved bye-bye as Mama & Daddy stood in the doorway looking at their big girl!  I think that this transition is much more of a big deal to us than to her.  Let’s all hope that she’s getting the hang of the Toddler’s nap schedule…  One big long nap mid-day.  So we’re getting adjusted to drinking solely from a sippy cup, and according to the doctor, we need to be transitioning to drinking whole milk, so we’ll try that out this weekend.

Speaking of the doctor– Grace is growing well– she’s tall for her age and her weight is pretty proportional with her height.  She was very brave as they gave her lots of shots and took blood to see if she has any food allergies.  She has a double ear infection (poor girl) but now she’s got medicine to help fight it.  Mama feels bad because when she went in for her 9 month ‘well child’ appointment she had a double ear infection, and now for her 1 year ‘well child’ check up appointment, she also had a double ear infection– those doctors must think that we don’t properly care for our child… 

The best part of the doctor’s visit according to Grace?  She got to pee on Daddy!  Fortunately, with a quick pit stop at home, they were off to daycare and Grace didn’t let some silly little ear infections stop her from playing hard for the rest of the day with her friends in Toddlers!

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