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Grace is very excited that today she will get to see her godmother Cynthia.  That will mean visiting with doggies and kitties lots of snuggles, of course.  Grace always likes seeing Godmother Cynthia (also known as Aunt Bird) because she can tell her all of her baby secrets and they laugh about her baby jokes.  Yay for fun with Godmother Cynthia!

Petting Roo!

Petting Rieu!

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Dear Gammy,

(Daddy is typing this on my behalf.)  Thank you so much for the books.  The Velveteen Rabbit and Goodnight Moon are wonderful stories.  Mama and Daddy have read them a few times — well, a lot — and I enjoy them every time I hear them.  Thank you also for the red Tupperware.  Daddy lets me pound on it every morning.  Makes nice thumping sounds while Daddy is messing with my britches.   The clothes and bathing suits you sent fit really well this summer.  Glad that it covered my behind on the beach, in Grandpa’s boat, and at Uncle Owen’s swimming pool.  I don’t think sunburn or sand would feel good on my bottom.  The hair bows are BEAUTIFUL.  Not only do they clip well in my hair, but they also taste pretty good too.  I usually chew on them a couple of times a day.  The blue ones don’t taste like blueberries though.  I’ll keep checking.  The Baby Tenda is okay.  I’d really like to throw more food on the floor,  but for some reason, Mama and Daddy can’t appreciate that.  They like having a place where I can sit to sit and eat and paint and read and spit Cheerios on the floor from a distance.  You should see all the Cheerios I’ve spit so far!

Daddy says that we’ll visit you soon, and I look forward to seeing you on the computer.  I like to go naked at home (after I go to the potty — one way or another).  Did you know that?  Daddy said that he’d lift me up to the camera, so you can see my House Uniform!  🙂

I love you!


PS/ Daddy says that you and PeePaw are going to buy me a TRICYCLE.  Daddy says that I’m not quite ready for that, but after I start walking, we’ll make that our next project.

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