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At the beach…

Ready to run after the 'ducks' (seagulls)

Ready to run after the 'ducks' (seagulls)

Grace got to go to the beach today– she wasn’t really sure about the water, but eventually got adjusted and seemed to enjoy watching the birds who walked by (“Duck”). She liked splashing while sitting in the shallowest possible portion of the water, and ate a few handfuls of sand for good measure. After about 45 minutes, however, we’d hit our max, and Grace was done, so we packed up and headed in.

This weekend, Grace hasn’t really been feeling 100%. She’s had a really bad runny nose (Friday night she woke up almost every hour because she was having trouble breathing), and she’s much more likely to fall in the floor crying over nothing than usual. There is some disagreement among the Robinson parents about the latter. Greg feels that Grace is just being willful (he might be right– she is becoming steadily more and more willful) and Erin is concerned that she might have an ear infection or some sort of tummy trouble.

Regardless, we’re taking Grace to the doctor tomorrow. She felt feverish when she awoke from her afternoon nap, so tomorrow morning will tell if she can go to day care or not (if she has a temperature over 100– even 100.2, they can’t let her come to day care). Ugh. I can’t stand trying to take her temperature– she usually ends up crying and so do I, even with the fancy one we have that can do underarm, throat and bottom. She tries to crawl away, no matter where I try to take it, but I guess that I should see this as a sign of good health– avoiding pointy things in the bottom is a well adjusted thing for a little girl to do.

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