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Potty Party!

Recently, Mama has started to try EC (elimination communication) with Grace. We’ve spent a lot of time diaper free, and offering Grace the potty when it seems like she might need it (when she first wakes up, a few minutes after she eats, when she gets that concentrating face that might mean I’m going potty). Prior to today, Mama’s gotten a lot of strange looks, and has been peed on while nursing as a reward. Yesterday, however, Grace was sitting on her potty and Mama made the cue sound (“pssss”) and lo and behold, Grace peed in the potty! (It should be noted that later in the afternoon, however, Grace peed on the Oriental rug upstairs, so we’re not diaper free yet, we’re just getting closer than we were).

My question to you, dear readers, is do all Mama’s get that same sense of pride when their child first pees in the potty? I mean, I called Greg in to let him see (who in their right mind calls someone else to inspect urine in a toilet? Only crazy Mamas) and then promptly called both sets of grandparents and her great aunt, to celebrate how smart my child is for using the toilet. From an outsider’s perspective, this is insanity. From inside, I’m bursting with pride that Grace understands (at least a little) that a potty is for pee-pee.

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