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Snuffy nose

Some Daddy, daughter time

Some Daddy, daughter time

Grace has a bit of a stuffy nose, which doesn’t sound like to much of a problem, but because she likes to sleep with a Binky, it is. She has a hard time both breathing and sucking, so for the last few nights, she’s woken up multiple times needing to be held upright for a while to be able to breathe clearly again. She’s absolutely opposed to the nasal aspirator, and has come to blows with Mama over this fact. Wiping her nose with a tissue doesn’t go much better… Because of this, she’s a little more snuggly and needed some lovin’ from her Dad this morning before she could head off to play hard all day long. We’re just crossing our fingers that things stay at just the stuffy level and don’t move into an ear infection. Ah, the joys of the summertime cold. Poor little Gracie!

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