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To ease teething pain, it has been suggested that Grace try gnawing on a frozen bagel. So, today, while she munched on her carrots and broccoli, I also let her chomp on a frozen bagel. (This was after a conversation with her day care teacher, Victoria, who also felt that this should be okay, as Grace *still* doesn’t have teeth and so, in our minds, was unlikely to bite off anything she couldn’t chew). Contrary to our expectations, however, today, Grace showed that she could very well break off bits of bagel, even sans teeth. She successfully managed to get a few ‘bites’ off (all of which, I think, I intercepted before they made it down into her belly– I really didn’t want to have to do infant CPR). So, that cute bag of tiny bagels that I’d frozen for her to munch on? I guess I’ll be enjoying bagel bites for breakfast for the next few weeks.




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