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Happy Easter!

Grace with Mama & Grandpa at Easter!

Grace with Mama & Grandpa at Easter!

Today was a very busy day for Grace.  She went to church, got to see her Grandpa, and then got to go to a party at the Ladrie’s house.

Grace enjoyed church– she was able to chime in sometimes when people were talking, and she also go to kick off her Easter shoes 6 times throughout the service.  She’s incredibly proficient at shoe removal– Mama’s a little concerned about what that might mean once Grace starts walking…

She also enjoyed seeing her Grandpa– it’s been quite a while since she was able to climb in his lap and tell him baby secrets.  He was nice enough to take pictures of the family, unfortunately the sun was in her eyes, so Grace didn’t smile, not even once.  So unfortunately there was no “J.C. Penny” pose (a tradition in the Peterson family for Easter photos) this year.

Lastly, Grace got to visit the Ladries.  She really enjoyed hanging out, especially the part where David and Laura both snuggled her.  The one part she didn’t like was when Mama tried to put her to sleep in a room where she couldn’t get in on the fun action.  She had not had what Mama calls the ‘face melt’ in months, however, once separated from the fun, she was in quite rare form in terms of the beet red color of her face and the pitch of her cries.  Once she was brought back into the action, she cooed and giggled and made everyone smile.  And the best part was that she  managed to stay up an hour and a half past her bedtime and play with fun new friends.

Upon returning to the party, with David

Upon returning to the party, with David

So upon returning home, she was quite ready for bed, having enjoyed her Easter a great deal.  Happy Easter to all!


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