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On talking…

This morning, Grace woke a few moments before the alarm clock went off, and started babbling, as she often does. We’ve worked out a system where if Mama handles all of the night time wake up calls, Daddy will wake up, change Grace’s diaper and then bring her in for Mama to nurse. This morning, while Mama was enjoying her last two minutes of a sleep like state, she overheard on the baby monitor that Grace was talking to Daddy and kept saying “Da-da-da-da-da”. Now, I’m not saying that she has connected that Daddy is Greg’s name, but she’s sure got the sounds down. (Perhaps this is because whenever Greg interacts with her, he makes sure to sneak in some practice “Hey honey! Can you say ‘Da-da’? That’s right, Da-da. You’re such a smart girl!”). I have yet to hear anything approaching Ma-ma, but I am patient. Like all small children, she’ll learn to talk when she’s ready.

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