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Go Tar Heels?

Grace isn’t much of a basketball fan (yet), but her Aunt Cathy, her Cousin Mary Bedford and her Uncle Mike are all die hard Carolina fans. This means, that when other important teams aren’t playing (Davidson, Wake Forest, Duke) she is sure to be found cheering for the Tar Heels. The fact that her parents met while grad students at UNC does not influence Grace’s choice of basketball teams– she knows that UNC’s graduate programs are good, but does not feel that academic excellence should dictate her choice of basketball teams. (One might not know this from looking at the teams that she has to choose from to cheer for).

And, as if she remembered the promise she made her Uncle Mike before he moved to New Orleans to be a good little Tar Heel, she woke up in time to see the last minute of the game. So now we all know that Grace will be up to on Monday night– pulling for the Heels to win it all!

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