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Playing with AJ

Playing with AJ

Grace is really working on crawling right now. She’s got her knees under her, and she has been pushing up for quite some time now. So this morning before day care, she was practicing putting a knee forward on the bed, and while she kept face planting, I know that any day now, she’ll get all the parts working in harmony and it’ll be off to the races!

So between the work on crawling and the almost tooth, she’s growing up so fast! I am also delighted to report that we have had no more instances of projectile vomit– pears seem to be a big hit, and being able to simply empty the ice cube tray of little “plops” (what my Mom used to call them) of baby food is so good. Not only do I feel good that she’s eating local produce (well, from the Farmer’s Market– I think the pears were actually from another state) but that there are no preservatives to cause problems. We’ll keep you up to date on new food adventures.

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