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A Special Birthday

Grandma Peterson-- 2/22/1959-2/24/2007

Grandma Peterson-- 2/22/1949-2/24/2007

Today is a special day. Sixty years ago, Grace’s grandmother, Erin’s Mom, was born. Unfortunately, Grace won’t be able to play with her Grandma Peterson, but I am sure that at all times she’s watching over her grandbaby with love.


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Dancing baby!

Grace took a few moments to dance yesterday morning before day care. She really enjoyed the first song, but had some complaints about the second one (I think that she’s trying to change the channel by beating on the keyboard, but perhaps she’s just keeping time).

Yay for bouncers and yay for babies who like music.

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With Ms. Fiori-- sitting with support

With Ms. Fiori-- sitting with support

Grace went by the doctor yesterday just to make sure that she’s healthy aside from some minor sniffles. The great news is that she is healthy– clear nose, clear ears and great weight gain– our girl is 18.6 pounds (with clothes on– all other measurements were sans clothing). The doctor also noticed that there are two very small teeth trying to peek through on the bottom! He also said that because she’s doing so well with her rice cereal that we can go ahead and start giving her fruits and veggies! Wow– she’s starting solids in earnest!

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Poor Daddy!

Daddy has an ear infection. She’s not sure exactly what an ear infection is, but it doesn’t sound like fun. This is not so good for Gracie, because her funny Daddy is trying not to tickle her belly or get in her face for fear of spreading germs (he also has a cold– we know that ear infections aren’t catching). Gracie’s hoping that he gets better soon– she misses having Daddy drop her off at daycare! She’s hoping that a full weekend of R&R while Mama & Gracie go to Reidsville will allow him to get all better. If not, she knows where Mama keeps the Hello Kitty bandaids, and those are good for boo-boos too.

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Our fashionista wearing a sweater from her Unda Beel :)

Our fashionista wearing a sweater from her Unda Beel 🙂

Grace is really working hard at sitting up (and crawling and growing teeth), and today at day care, she traded in her favorite blue seat thing for a smaller and lower Boppy that gives a little less support. She still had Ms. Fiori’s hand to keep her stable, but she’s going to sit up by herself any day now!

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A tooth?

We are undecided at the Robinson household. Mama things that Grace might be getting a tooth on the bottom. Daddy says that he can’t see anything. Gracie has yet to weigh in, aside from copious amounts of drool on all items of clothing, or any surface that she is placed on for more than 30 seconds. Stay tuned!

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OK, so maybe Grace isn’t going to come to theatres, but she’s going to crawl *any day* now. This morning, she was pushing up on her tummy, got her butt off the bed and pushed off with her foot (only to do a face plant, but that’s why she was on the bed for tummy time). If that’s not the precursor to crawling, I don’t know what is. She was very delighted with herself and made lots of noise, much like the noise she was making in the embedded video (link here to google videos). I’m not sure whether to call it a crow or a squawk, but when I went into day care this morning, I noticed that there were several other small people who were making similar noises. I guess it’s time to get out the ear plugs and the baby proofing supplies!

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