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Everybody thinks their kid is the cutest kid on the block. We maintain that healthy bias, of course. She really is a sweet and good-natured child. She’s not fussy for the sake of being fussy. It’s the usual that makes her upset — I’m hungry, I’m tired, I’m wet, the water is too warm, dad pinched my nose in that onesie, or “mom put me down beside a sand castle again.” In my experiences with her, I can usually identify a reason or combination of reasons why she’s ticked off. It’s when I have no idea why she’s upset that I feel upset. My confusion perpetuates a self-directed frustration.

But again, she’s simply a happy child. Those of you who know me assume that I try to make her smile and laugh whenever possible. I’m getting pretty good at it actually. You may have noticed that Erin’s captured a picture or two of her giggles.

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