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Bite, Growl, Bite.

Grace was bitten at Day Care.

Makes you think — why do people bite each other? The developmental psychology speaks at length of indetermined expression, anxiety, inability to represent feelings of frustration, etc. Some references even maintain that it’s a sign of affection. Hmmm.

It is indeed a threatening thought to consider one grown-up biting another grown-up. Barbaric. It’s an especially scary thought to think that one child chomped on your daughter’s leg. That’s a gentle, loving, blissful, delicate, and touching craft of flesh, left wrenched and torn, by the razor sharp canines of a malicious troublemaker. …Well, maybe that’s just a dad’s viewpoint?

Truth is: one of the little ones got excited and applied his mouth to Grace’s ankle. No, no damage done. No broken skin. Redness, once iced, then dissipated back to baby-toned flavor. We really couldn’t see a mark – much less a gaping wound of shredded flesh. Per regulation, they are not permitted to inform the victim’s (read: “bite-tee” as opposed to the biter) family of the incident beyond what happened. No names. Frankly, I’d be astonished and embarrassed if my child committed such an act of violence. (said in context) My first inclination is to apologize to the other parents and send a get-well-soon card. I wonder if Hallmark offers,

“Sorry my kid bit yours. It seems such a shame.
Yet he bites in the shadows. You’ll know not his name.
The feelings of youth can’t truly be known.
Let’s hope he quits this, before he is grown.

Were tears of regret shed for your child?
Not really because the redness was mild.
No marks, no holes, no blood was drawn.
A stealthy strike then the ninja was gone.
All in all, my son feels awful. — know what? He really doesn’t. Tell your kid to wear thicker socks.”

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