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Grace isn’t sure about tights. Sure, she likes having warm toes, but really, the process of pulling on tights in the morning is not her favorite. To be perfectly honest, when Greg helped me pull on maternity hose and said “No one should ever have to help another person pull on a garmet that makes them look like a sausage”, I think he was right. He thought that having to help me put on maternity hose was silly (and it was) and I am saying that pulling up Grace’s tights made me realize that the whole sausage thing is true. I should not try to put my girl into something that makes any part of her look like a sausage. She’ll have ample opportunity to do that to herself in the years to come. I do not need to start making her aware of the rolls on her legs– she’s got years to develop her own insecurities. For now, however, I do also admit that she looks cute in tights….

Showing off her tights

Showing off her tights

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