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Day care report

So yesterday, Grace was a rock star.  Everyone at daycare loves her (I promise, this is not just me being biased, we had 3 staff people tell us how wonderful she was) and while she didn’t sleep super well, she was happy and healthy when we got her home.  And honestly, who can blame her for having a hard time sleeping– she’s used to being closed up in a dark and quiet room for naps, and instead, yesterday she was in a bright room where 7 other small people and 2 big people were making lots of noise.  She ate well, and last night came home, had a bath and *crashed*.  She was asleep by 6:15 and didn’t wake up again until 3:30 am.  She woke this morning and was ready to do it all again, with the only challenge being that breakfast came right back up on her cute school clothes (Mama’s note to self– feed Grace in PJs, then dress her).

Thanks to all for the well wishes, and here’s to another great day at daycare!

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