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Prune juice

Grace has had a rough week.  With all the excitement of Thanksgiving, she forgot to poop.  It was no big deal when Monday passed with nothing, or Tuesday, or even for that matter Wednesday.  By Thursday, Mama was beginning to get concerned, so she called the doctor on Friday, who suggested Gerber’s apple-prune juice, or pear juice to try to jump start things.  Friday came and went with no movement, so Mama called the advice nurse again on Saturday and was told that baths in baking soda help, and taking her temp too.  So after several bottles of prune juice, 3 baths and 3 temperature takings, things finally made their move last night at about 1:30 am.  (Mama had to grumble that it happened on her watch, but she was also very happy that Grace’s little tummy was no longer tight).  Now we just have to wonder if it’s safe to restart the rice cereal…  Guess that Mama will be calling the doctor again on Monday.

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