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Grace was lucky today that she got to meet one of Daddy’s roommates from graduate school, Brett Jones & his wife Rebecca, and their daughter Mia today.  We had not seen Brett, Rebecca & Mia since slightly after our wedding in 2004.  (Brett & Rebecca couldn’t come because Rebecca was 8 months pregnant with Mia at the time of our wedding)  We were delighted to see them and enjoyed getting to know Mia a little better.  We were also happy to hear that there will be a new member of the Jones family around May.  Mia thinks that it will be a boy because there are already 3 girls (including Daisy, the dog) and there should be more boys.

Roommates at UNC (and now, Daddies)

Roommates at UNC (and now, Daddies)

After our visit with the Jones’, we stopped by the Brusseau household to say “Hi” to Greg & Karen.  Because it was past Grace’s bedtime, we couldn’t stay long and we hope to be able to visit for a longer period next weekend on our return from Thanksgiving with Emmy & Erin’s family in Reidsville.

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