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There’s an infinite number of blogs on the internet.  When we created this blog, we decided to focus on Grace rather than politics, social commentaries, or hobbies.  For that, look elsewhere.  However, we couldn’t resist this story about Grace.

Last night, our family, like so many others, settled in to watch the 2008 presidential debate. Grace had eaten and was in her wide eyed “I’m paying attention” mode.  McCain and Obama first started talking about the economy.  McCain outlined his policies for the middle class when Grace suddenly vomited — everywhere.  Since Greg was holding her, both he and Grace needed new clothes.  “Does McCain’s policy of giving tax breaks to big oil make you sick, honey?”  “Me too” said her Daddy as he changed her onesie and put on a new shirt.

So the debate continued for a while longer until the segment regarding “Walking softly and carrying a big stick” philosophy.  McCain had just assured the American people that he is the person who would speak softly and diplomatically to hostile nations.  Almost on cue, Grace chimed in with another (rather squishy sounding) political commentary.  “Are you saying that’s a load of crap, honey?”  “I think you might be right,” replied Greg as Obama reminded us all of the “Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran” song he led at the Republican National Convention.

It may be the case that Grace would have voiced a more more balanced commentary.  Now into her third onesie, she simply didn’t have that opportunity.  Election night might provide more insight.  So perhaps our daughter, at the ripe old age of 4 weeks, is expressing political opinions.  Or maybe she just happened to have some gastrointestinal distress at inopportune times.  You decide.

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