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Every time I change a onesie, I accidentally give her a wedgie.  Those of you who went to summer camp need no definition, I’m sure.  This will improve.  It’s only sorta a wedgie though.  For those of you who have kids, you know that a onesie has snaps at the crotch area.  Excellent design insofar that you have a trap door garment where you can change diapers of little people without totally undressing them.  Considering its structure, it’s easiest to pull from the neck down, so you’re negotiating elbows through sleeves before worrying about the leg area.  I seem to always have to chase the onesie off the backside by flipping her like a pancake.  Maybe an inverse wedgie?  Well, anyway, you get the general idea that I’m still getting used to dressing other people.

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