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Grace now has a belly button.  For those who haven’t gone through this from the parenting side: Belly buttons are like opinions.  Everybody has one, right?  The question is how these arrive.  Grace and Erin were connected by the umbillical cord, and I got to cut the cord during childbirth.  Boy, I was nervous with those scissors.  I got double confirmation from the midwife when to cut it – asif they’d given me scissors before they were needed.  By the way, we donated the cord blood to the Carolinas Cord Blood Bank over at the Duke Hospital Cancer Center.  They use cord blood for bone marrow transplants, cancer research, and other important purposes.  It was just as important to us as being organ donors.

Anyway, back to Grace’s button.  After the cut, the newborn’s wound needs to heal.  The hospital pinches it, and parents need to keep an eye on infection.  We used qtips and alcohol to clean the sides of it.  Eventually, it dries out, and the tiny stump dries out and falls off. Voila, a belly button.

It’s slightly smaller than the average belly button, as judged by Erin’s and mine.  We’ll post a picture once it completely heals.  In the meantime, feel free to mail us pictures of your own.  Or don’t.


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Two weeks today

So today she is two weeks old…  how strange that as I type this, we approach 11:09– the moment we met our daughter for the first time.  Somehow, as everyone told us, our lives have transformed to be parents to this wonderful new person and she has captivated our hearts like no other could.

Now comes the hard part– to chose a cute picture for her birth announcement and a poem that somehow captures the awe of her birth as well as the depth of our hope for her life– that there may be as few tears as possible, as much joy as she can hold and enough love that she will never question the presence of God.

I return to my birth announcement– a poem that has meant so much to me throughout my life and wonder if I can find something nearly as meaningful…

“May the long time sun shine on you
All love surround you
and the pure light within you
guide you all the way on”

I don’t want to reuse, but I do want to find something that gathers up what we know of her and what we hope for her and presents it in a way that lets her know how much we love and believe in her even though we barely know her.  In some ways, I wonder if my birth announcement didn’t shape a little bit of who I am– someone who would characterize myself as having a pure light within that can serve as my guide.  Of course, perhaps everyone does…

Ah well, back to the internet search while Grace quietly naps…

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