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So the phrase “I’m going to bounce” took on all new meaning today.  We were eating supper when Grace began to cry from her pack and play.  Because I had recently fed and changed her, we knew that she was okay.  Greg had completed his meal, and so to help with the unhappy baby situation, he announced– “Sorry ya’ll, I’ve gotta bounce”.  He then proceeded to pick Grace up and do the Daddy bounce until she calmed down and fell asleep.  Yay for the Daddy bounce!


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Grace is upstairs with Erin.  I wonder what’s going to happen today.  We’ll feed her.  We’ll continue changing cloth diapers.  She’ll cry a little.  Wiggle, gurgle, that sort of thing.  Definitely a spit up or two.

I wonder what she’s thinking about.   What and why are toes?  Are these toes connected to me?  Do socks change that.  Why doesn’t a pacifier give milk.  Why can I hear beyond what I can see.   Why are baths cold and blankets warm.  Is a bath really even necessary.   Is crying more of a response or a means to an end.  Why do I get passed around when others meet me.  Why do people raise the tone of their voices when they talk at me.  Why do my pants sometimes smell.  Why do burps happen.  Could somebody please stop the hiccups.

What will be new for her today?  I think we’ll start with a walk outside.

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