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A week old

So everyone told us that time would fly and that we’d close our eyes and she’s be so much bigger…  It’s true!  In some ways, it seems as though we’ve been parents for much longer than a week (perhaps that’s the sleep deprivation making us lose track of time?) and in some ways, I marvel that she’s been here for that long.

Grace continues to be an incredibly good natured baby, not terribly fussy and a great joy to those who meet her.  Exceptions are when she’s hungry and sometimes when her diaper gets changed, but using Dunstan baby language and her natural cues have allowed us to (mainly) avoid real temper tantrums.  (Notable exception:  Last night, Erin left for a while to run errands after having fed the baby and changed her diaper.  Unfortunately, before Erin could return, Grace got very hungry and could not be interested in formula as a substitute.  By the time Erin did return, Greg and Grace had completed 512 laps around the downstairs).

Yesterday was a big day for Grace– first we went to the pediatrician and found out that she’s gained back her birth weight and doesn’t need to go back to the doctor until she’s a month old (yay 🙂 for gaining weight) and will get her first shots (boo on shots 😦 Mama doesn’t want to look).

After the doctor, we toured the daycare center that we are hoping she’s going to attend in December.  Currently there are openings, so there is a strong chance that she’ll be able to go to day care very close to NC State at a facility that has recently been converted to the NC State day care center.

While we were close to campus, Grace made her debut at CNR and OASIS.  She really enjoyed meeting the folks at CNR (once she had a full belly and could concentrate on meeting folks) and slept through her introductions at OASIS.

We ended our day yesterday with a late lunch– her first meal out– for yummy burgers and some sunshine on the patio of the East Village Bar & Grill.  Whew!  That was quite a day for someone who’s only been on the outside for 6 days!

Out to lunch

Out to lunch


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